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Patent Services

Our firm offers full support for patent services which include patent searches, patent prosecution, appeals, and patent litigation. Click here to learn more. 

Copyright Registration


Do you have art, music, or literature that you want to protect? A copyright may be your best option protect your art. Click here to learn more   

Trademark Registration


Do you have a brand that you want to protect? Do you offer a product or service that has market recognition? Protect that brand by registering a trademark today. Click here to learn more.

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Patent Attorney


Ezekiel Haigler, Esq.

USPTO Registration No. 79107

Florida Bar No. 1025007

Ezekiel is an experienced professional with over 15 years of experience solving complex business problems. He is responsive to customer needs and enjoys helping people. 


Ezekiel started his career in the Army as a radar technician. He served his country proudly. Later he earned Bachelors in Computer Science and then earned a Masters in Software Engineering. He began his career as an engineer testing software where he would take solutions and work backwards to see if there are issues or conflicts related to how the solution was meant to work. He worked as a consultant where he would go to different customer sites and solve problems onsite. He continued to work with both small and large corporations solving their most complex business issues.


Ezekiel is committed to use problem solving skills in addition to legal skills to help everyday people solve their legal issues.


You can contact him to at


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